Little ghosts and goblins, witches, super heroes, and numerous other costumed-children will soon be at neighborhood doors.

Halloween is back on in all three municipalities in the county for those who wish to participate.

l In Mullens, Halloween hours are Sunday, Oct. 31, from 5 until 7 p.m.

l In Oceana, trick-or-treat hours are Saturday, Oct. 30, from 5:30 until 7:30 p.m.

l In Pineville, trick-or-treating is scheduled Saturday, Oct. 30, from 5 until 7 p.m.

Due to Covid-19 pandemic concerns, those who wish to give out candy should turn on their porch lights during the scheduled hours, according to officials, and those who do not wish to provide candy should leave their porch lights off.

Drivers should also slow down and watch for children during trick-or-treat hours.

Law enforcement will be patrolling across the county.

“We encourage those who do participate in Halloween to follow the county Health Department’s guidelines – to wear masks and practice social distancing,” emphasized Jason Mullins, county Commission president.

Mullins said the same advice goes for those patronizing gas stations, restaurants, and other locations where in-person transactions are conducted.

“We want everyone to be safe,” Mullins said.

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While the annual observance is popular among children and adults alike, it is also a time when parents should pay special attention to children’s safety, according to officials.

This year, in addition to face masks and social distancing (at least six feet from other people), Wyoming County Sheriff Brad Ellison offered the following safety tips to help keep children safe:

l Always observe the Halloween hours set by the towns.

l Children should always be accompanied by an adult.

l Only visit houses where the porch light is on. A porch light indicates a house is participating in Halloween, Ellison emphasized.

l Parents should always go through a child’s candy before eating. If an item appears suspicious in any way, toss it.

If the wrapper appears to have been tampered with, throw it out, Ellison cautioned.

Candy that is not in its original wrapper should also be tossed.

l Carry a flashlight or some other type of lighting device.

l Costumes should fit properly. Those that are too long may cause tripping or falls.

l Costume accessories should be soft and flexible.

l If the costume cannot be seen easily in the dark, add reflective tape.

l If it is cold, costumes should be large enough so that warm clothing can be worn underneath.

l It is best to trick-or-treat only in familiar neighborhoods, where you know the people.

Be leery of unknown neighborhoods and people you do not know.

l Be cautious at houses with a fenced yard, which might indicate a dog that may pose a threat to visitors.

l Be aware of the traffic. Do not walk on the road or where cars are traveling, Ellison emphasized.

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