The May term of the Wyoming County grand jury indicted a fifth person in connection with an alleged conspiracy to conceal a dead body.

Martin V. Hunt Jr., 47, of Cyclone, was indicted for conspiracy to conceal a deceased human body in relation to the remains of Gregory “Whitey” May, who was reported missing in May 2018, according to county Prosecutor Mike Cochrane. The body was found June 14, 2018 in Campus.

Four other people have been charged in connection with conspiracy to dispose of human remains, including Hunt’s wife, Stephanie, who was indicted in February, Cochrane said. Also charged in connection with the incident are Brittany Clay, Curtis Osborne, and Billy Hurley.

Additional indictments included the following, according to Cochrane:

❖ Dakota Shrewsbury, 24, Stephenson, burglary and grand larceny.

❖ Ralph Bailey Jr., 46, Simon, grand larceny.

❖ Jason Kinser, 30, Welch, receiving stolen property.

❖ Darrel G. Adams, 74, Oceana, sexual abuse in the first degree.

❖ Alyssa Thompson, 28, Oceana, child abuse with injury and domestic battery.

❖ Gregory Belcher, 53, Oak Hill, two counts of sexual abuse in the first degree and two counts of sexual abuse by a guardian.

❖ Michelle L. Tilley, 45, Oceana, breaking and entering and grand larceny.

❖ Rocky Dale Thomas, 41, Pineville, forgery of a public record, second offense driving suspended, obstruction, and expired MVI.

❖ Jeffrey L. Reece, 28, Corinne, three counts of burglary, three counts of grand larceny, breaking and entering, and petit larceny.

❖ Eric I. Baker, 26, Allen Junction, breaking and entering and grand larceny.

❖ Travis W. Morgan, 43, Oceana, two counts of sexual assault in the second degree, two counts of sexual abuse by a guardian, and grand larceny.

❖ James P. Shrewsbury, 32, Pfafftown, N.C., conspiracy.

❖ William Shrewsbury, 31, Pfafftown, N.C., breaking and entering and grand larceny.

❖ Bridgett Cozort, 28, Mullens, three counts of credit card fraud.

❖ Everett Watts II, 40, Pineville, third offense DUI and third offense driving revoked.

❖ Francis S. Combs, 49, Cool Ridge, felon in possession of a firearm and driving revoked.

❖ Jamie N. Stewart, 38, Wyoming, grand larceny and obstruction.

❖ Casey Vernatter, 27, Mohawk, possession with intent.

❖ Michael L. Morgan, 43, Clear Fork, burglary.

❖ Amber Minor, 30, Clear Fork, burglary.

❖ Erik A. Harper, 40, Coal Mountain, possession with intent and trespassing.

❖ Troy Porter Jr., 40, Wyoming, grand larceny and obstruction.

❖ Todd Addison, 30, Brenton, burglary.

❖ Teena M. Riffe, 30, Hanover, fleeing with reckless disregard, driving revoked, DUI, and passing a school bus.

❖ Matt Gulley, 23, Simon, three counts of possession with intent.

❖ Christopher Hicks, 25, Mullens, burglary and grand larceny.

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