Organizers will hold their final meeting Tuesday, Jan. 18, prior to the fifth annual Wyoming County Day at the West Virginia Legislature, scheduled Jan. 24.

Those interested in setting up a booth may submit a registration form today by contacting Christy Laxton, Wyoming County Economic Development Authority executive director, at 304-732-6707 or by e-mail to

Organizers are looking to set up in the Upper Rotunda of the state capitol at 8 a.m., with refreshments provided beginning at 9:30 a.m., according to Laxton.

Entertainment from the county will be featured in the Lower Rotunda.

The afternoon session, with local legislators, begins at 1:30 p.m., followed by the annual reception at 4 p.m. at the governor’s mansion, Laxton said.

Showcasing the best of Wyoming County is the focus of the day-long event, according to organizers.

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“In my opinion, we have brought the Wyoming County delegation to the forefront among their peers,” noted Tim Ellison, Pineville mayor and one of the organizers.

“I have had people who work all over the capitol grounds come up to me and say no other county treats the legislators, nor the employees, as well as we do the day of the event.

“Pinnacle Creek Country Store provides morning snacks and lunch snacks, not only for the legislators, but the employees as well. We provide everyone with the southern hospitality for which we are well known,” Ellison emphasized.

“The first year of our Wyoming County Day event, John Michael Thornsbury, an eighth grade student from Huff Consolidated (Elementary and Middle School), asked the governor when would the curves be taken out of Bailey Branch, on Rt. 971. The DOH is working on the road today,” Ellison said.

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“Wyoming County Day has brought the spotlight to the county for the legislators,” Laxton said. “They get to see what we have to offer that day and they have been very impressed.

“We have heard nothing but good things about the legislator reviews of our day at the capitol.

“The local legislators have commented that they hear nothing but great comments as well from legislators all over the state — about how they’ve seen booths or talked to folks about projects in the county that they were very impressed with or didn’t know existed in the county,” Laxton added.

“This year will be similar to last year in that we will have our local legislators meet with our group to let us know what is going on in the session and if there are any particular bills that our local legislators are pushing for.”

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