A new crime tip hotline has been established for Wyoming County — 304-732-8076.

Using the new phone number, citizens can report suspected criminal activity, according to Sheriff Randall Aliff and Prosecuting Attorney Rick Staton.

“These reports will be reviewed by the sheriff and prosecutor,” according to officials.

“Although the caller can be anonymous, callers are urged to report their name address and phone numbers.”

“We can’t use anonymous tips to get arrest warrants,” Aliff explained. “The tip line gives us information we can follow up on, to see if an arrest is possible.

“It is just more information for us to use.

“However, the more information we get, the more we can help,” the sheriff said.

Staton emphasized that the tip line is just one more tool in investigation and solving of crimes.

“It’s not a solution, and you shouldn’t expect to make a call one day and see an arrest the next,” Staton emphasized.

“It is an investigative tool only.”

Staton also emphasized that it is not a substitute for calling 911 when a person sees an ongoing crime or emergency.

“Getting law enforcement to the scene of the crime as, or soon after, it happens is the key.”

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