Wyoming County Schools personnel have been preparing for the upcoming year since the previous school term ended in June.

Throughout the summer, teachers and administrators have been participating in a variety of training sessions designed to enhance student learning.

Crews have also continued construction, maintenance, and technology projects at schools across the county.

When students return to the classroom Tuesday, Sept. 3, they will again be provided free breakfast and lunch, after-school activity buses, and parents will continue to have several available communication tools to keep them informed and connected.

Employees will return Aug. 28.

Prior to the first day of school, incoming freshmen at both Westside and Wyoming County East high schools will be treated to day-long Freshmen Academies designed to alleviate concerns and provide valuable information concerning their four years of high school.

Attendance is optional, but strongly recommended, according to school officials.

Westside High will host Renegade Academy Monday, Aug. 26.

Wyoming County East’s Warrior Academy takes place Tuesday, Aug. 27.

Both events will operate on the same schedule as a regular school day, from 7:20 a.m. until 2:48 p.m.

Buses will make morning and afternoon runs. Free breakfast and lunch will be served.

Activities will also include distribution of class schedules, meeting teachers, locker assignments, guided campus tours, and school spirit workshops. Students will visit each class and be introduced to homeroom/LINKS.

The academies will kick off with Freshman Orientation at 7:30 at Wyoming County East and 8 a.m. at Westside. Parents are encouraged to attend the meeting with their child.

“The meetings will cover many aspects of the high school experience,” explained Deirdre Cline, county schools superintendent.

“This will be very beneficial to our incoming freshmen to help them to be better prepared for high school, as well as provide them with valuable information they will need to know as they begin their school year.”

Holidays, observances and breaks from school will include Labor Day, Sept. 2; Veterans Day, Nov. 11; Thanksgiving, Nov. 25-29; Christmas break, Dec. 23-Jan. 2; Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Jan. 20; spring break, April 6-10; Election Day, May 12; and Memorial Day, May 25.

Professional Learning Days – when personnel attend but students do not – are scheduled Oct. 25, Jan. 17, March 23, and May 11.

Additionally, three-hour early dismissals for students will be conducted Oct. 18, Dec. 20, Feb. 14, and April 17. Faculty Senate meetings will be conducted at each school after students have been dismissed on these days.

Graduations ceremonies are scheduled at Westside High School June 5 at 7 p.m.

Wyoming County East High will conduct graduation ceremonies June 6 at noon.

The last scheduled day for students is Thursday, June 11.

During the upcoming school year, every student will again receive free breakfast, lunch, and school-sponsored snacks through the Child Nutrition and Community Eligibility Provision Program, Cline emphasized.

“Wyoming County Schools is pleased to offer this opportunity to our students and parents so that no child ever goes hungry at school,” Cline said.

“The success of this program is a collaborative effort among our Child Nutrition Program, our schools, parents, and students.”

Additionally, employee training is planned to address the needs of children who have experienced trauma.

“Children who have experienced trauma come to school and often have challenges which produce obstacles to their learning,” Cline explained.

“We will work to increase awareness and methods for helping children with trauma adapt to the learning environment and to achieve. Trainings at the county level and at the school level will be geared toward giving employees the necessary knowledge and skills to help every child learn and achieve success.”

Also training will focus on autism, the qualities associated with autism, and the strategies which help autistic children reach their maximum potential and happiness, Cline noted.

“We will have several awareness trainings, both large groups and at the school level, to help employees address the needs regarding autism, in a general sense, and with each child, individually,” she said.

“Meeting the needs of the children we serve is always a goal for our school system and we want to do everything possible to enable employees to have all needed resources to meet this goal,” Cline added.

“Once again this school year, thanks to the generosity of our citizens through the passage of our excess levy, Wyoming County Schools will provide activity buses each Tuesday and Thursday for students who wish to stay after school for any extracurricular activity,” Cline said.

“These activity buses give all students the opportunity to participate in school activities and have safe and free transportation to their homes.”

Among the communication tools provided for parents, and students, will include the Wyoming County Board of Education website, Facebook page, Call Messenger, APP, and LiveGrades.

All are “excellent tools that foster communication between the schools, teachers, and families,” Cline emphasized.

“Feel free to call your child’s school or the Wyoming County Schools Central Office for information about any of these communication tools,” Cline said.

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