Brenda Cook presented Wyoming County Commission members with a petition against growing, processing or selling medical marijuana within the county borders.

Most of the 200-plus signatures are from Kopperston area residents and one Pineville church, she said.

Last year, Cook and two other Kopperston residents asked the commission to create an ordinance that would prevent the growing, manufacturing, processing and dispensing of the product in the county after the state Legislature passed a bill that would allow medical marijuana use for serious medical conditions.

The state, however, has done nothing to move the law forward, Dean Meadows, county Emergency Services director, said.

“It’s still against federal law,” explained Mike Cochrane, county prosecutor.

Cook noted the Legislature is now talking about making recreational marijuana legal.

“The opioid crisis is enough to teach us that we don’t need this,” Cook emphasized.

If the state does move forward with legalizing marijuana, the county will have to pass an ordinance to prevent the sale within the county, according to officials.

Commissioners took no action on the issue.

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In other business, the commission plans to create a standard protocol to deal with complaints about dogs.

Currently, the county does not have an officer certified to pick up dogs.

Jason Mullins, commission president, indicated he is against picking up a healthy dog and putting it in a shelter.

While in the shelter, the dog may pick up “parvo,” Mullins said. Canine parvovirus is highly contagious and sometimes fatal.

Commissioners want to work with Paw Patrol, a county volunteer organization that works to find homes for displaced dogs.

Vicious dog complaints must be handled immediately, officials agreed.

A dog bite usually becomes a civil case, pitting neighbor against neighbor, Mullins said.

Mullins planned to meet with Sheriff C.S. Parker, Paw Patrol volunteers, Dean Meadows, county Health Department representatives, among others to work out the details.

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