Editor’s note: This story was compiled from a press release from Wyoming County Schools.

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School Building Authority-funded projects at two county schools are nearing completion, according to Jeff Brewer, clerk of the works for both projects.

Wyoming County East High School’s outdated heating and air conditioning system is being replaced, improving air quality throughout the building, Brewer emphasized. A new roof is also being installed.

Wyoming County Career and Technical Center is undergoing a “facelift,” with the installation of modern, energy efficient doors and windows across the campus.

Wyoming County East High School’s new heating and cooling system will provide each classroom an individual unit to control temperature.

“We’re progressing in the classroom wings, installing new heating and air conditioning units for each classroom,” Brewer explained.

The new system will also be added to the auxiliary gym.

A new roof is also being installed on the 20-year-old building.

“The roofers are coordinating their work to coincide with the heating and air conditioning units,” Brewer noted.

The new units are being installed on the roof.

Brewer said having the roof replaced while replacing the air units was an added benefit.

“We don’t want the roof getting ahead of the heat and air,” he noted.

The new HVAC system will allow more efficient operations and energy costs are expected to decrease.

Brewer said the work is progressing at a moderate pace, causing minimal disruption to staff and students, and is expected to be completed before students return in the fall.

Total cost of the Wyoming County East project is $4,054,500, funded with $3,042,500 (awarded in 2017) from the SBA’s Needs program; $992,000 in federal Qualified Zone Academy Bonds (QZAB), and another $12,000 in local funding.

Wyoming County Career and Technical Center renovations include new energy efficient doors and windows, replacing the single pane, uninsulated glass windows.

The new doors and windows will provide energy savings as well as “improve and modernize the appearance of the building,” Brewer said.

The project is expected to be completed this month.

The $519,317 Career Center project was funded with $389,317 from the SBA’s Major Improvement Project program (awarded in 2018) and $130,000 in local permanent improvements funds.

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