Now passed the year’s half-way point, Wyoming County Schools continues to focus on three themes selected for the year – “Building Relationships,” “Teaching And Learning,” and “School Safety.”

The school system has made strides in several areas that reflect this year’s themes, Deirdre Cline, county schools superintendent, said in a prepared press release.

“We want to build relationships with students, families of students within the school, collegiality, and with the communities that the county serves,” she said.

“The reason building relationships is so important is that those relationships provide a support system to the students that we serve in all regards,” Cline explained.

One of the most significant results of building relationships this year has been the expansion of the Communities In Schools program. The county now has nine facilitators in eight schools and the program is proving to be very effective in improving the lives of students in the county, Cline said.

The facilitators work with school administrators and staff, as well as local organizations, businesses and people in the community to provide whatever resources a student needs to succeed.

This year, Westside High School was recognized in Gov. Jim Justice’s State of the State Address for its success and student achievement through the CIS program.

“Teaching And Learning” has also made advancements this year.

The county continues to update mobile labs at the schools, add virtual reality systems and view boards as part of the ongoing expansion in technology and providing learning tools to enhance classroom instruction.

“Our ultimate goal is for students to leave our school system ready for post-secondary or a career,” Cline said.

“We want them to be able to maximize their potential in all regards to have a fantastic quality of life – that centers around quality teaching and quality learning and that is why that theme is so critical in our quest to serve children.”

The addition of Prevention Resource Officers at Westside and Wyoming County East high schools has reinforced the county’s commitment to better school safety, Cline said. The officers provide education, safety and support for students, and are available to help them with any problems or conflicts.

“Ultimately keeping students and employees safe is a top priority.

“Students have to feel nurtured and supported and employees have to have all needed resources to do their job in our school system effectively,” Cline emphasized. “Physically, students have to feel safe, and providing a safe school environment is of paramount importance.

“All of these themes take a strong team effort at the county level – working with the schools, with the schools working together, and seeking support as appropriate and possible from our communities.

“We want our employees to have all needed resources and want our children to be happy while they are learning.

“Our goal is to increase the quality of experience that everyone has within our school system – to have a high-quality experience for our families, to have a quality experience for our employees, and, of course, a high quality of experience for our children as they are educated,” she emphasized.

“We feel these themes keep us focused on our purpose in the service to children.”

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